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The UK’s first M.E. biobank for M.E., funded by Action for M.E., the ME Association, ME Research UK and a private donor, stores blood samples from clinically well-characterised cases of M.E./CFS and healthy controls.

This means that, in the long-term, the research community will have access to a well-characterised cohort of patients with biological, clinical and laboratory data attached.

2013 current plans

Action for M.E. has secured further funding to support the biobank until March 2014.

Longer term plans

Action for M.E. will work in partnership with the ME Association, ME Research UK and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine to seek funding from UK and international funding agencies to support the M.E. biobank and to establish a post-mortem tissue bank.

Keeping the biobank going

If you would like to donate towards the upkeep and continuation of the biobank, please visit our JustGiving biobank page or download our special appeal form. Or you can contact us by email or on 0117 930 7291.

Further questions

Our biobank Q&A answers the following questions:

1. Why was the biobank set up?
2. Who runs the biobank?
3. Where is the biobank?
4. Can I donate blood to the biobank?
5. What criteria will be used to select donors?
6. How can I register my interest in donating blood to the biobank?
7. How will samples be taken?
8. Is it safe for M.E. patients to give blood?
9. What information will be collected about each donor?
10. What sort of research will the biobank be used for?
11. How will researchers gain access to samples from the biobank?
12. What if I am housebound or bedbound? Can I still participate?


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