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Joining the CFS/M.E. Research Collaborative

The CFS/M.E. Research Collaborative (CMRC) aims to promote the highest quality of basic and applied evidenced based and peer reviewed research into CFS/M.E.

Two types of membership are available: professional and associate.

Professional member (£20 per year or £15 a year for students*)

Open to all UK-based medical practitioners, all other healthcare professionals, researchers and charities involved in research (see the CMRC Charter for more details) with an interest in CFS/M.E. research.

Being involved in research is defined as:

  • researchers: published peer reviewed papers within the last two years, or conducting research (PI, co-applicant or researcher) in peer-reviewed studies
  • healthcare professionals: supporting research through active involvement in peer reviewed projects. For example, Principal or Chief Investigator in a hospital recruiting patients to a trial or study that has undergone peer review
  • charities: not-for-profit organisations supporting research through involvement on steering groups/patient advisory groups on research projects that have undergone peer review, or by funding CFS/M.E. research.

*Students in this category are defined as those doing research and registered for a further degree (PhD, doctorate, MSC).

Benefits of membership include:

  • being able to contribute to work streams designed to deliver the aims and objectives of the CMRC
  • contributing to research strategy
  • being kept up-to-date with work stream progress and new initiatives
  • reduced fees for attendance at the annual general meeting where work streams will present their progress in meeting objectives and researchers will be able to present research findings.

Associate member (free)

Open to those interested in supporting the CMRC. Associate members are not expected to be actively involved in CFS/M.E. research but will want to support it.

Benefits of membership include:

  • being kept up to date with work stream progress and new initiatives with regular email updates about work stream progress, outcomes from meetings and new initiatives.

To join the CRMC, please complete the application form.


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