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Speaking up for M.E.

Do people you know really understand what it’s like to live with M.E.? Do they understand the difficulties people with M.E. face trying to access healthcare or apply for welfare benefits?

Our M.E. Awareness film, Speaking up for M.E., features contributions from patients, carers, friends and family members, explaining how they've been affected by M.E.

We are still taking contributions and hope to produce further films in the future. Could you film a clip of yourself on your camera, phone, laptop, tablet or PC and email it to us? In the clip, please tell us your name, followed by the phrase: “I’m speaking up for M.E. because…” followed by your message.

You can watch a contribution from Clare to get an idea of what we’re after – and we would really appreciate it if films were no longer than 60 seconds.

If you prefer, you can email us a picture of yourself, telling us a bit about yourself and the reason you are speaking up for M.E. Please note Action for M.E. reserves the right to edit all submissions.


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