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Keep it legal

Charity fundraising is regulated by law. To make sure your fundraising is legal, check these points which outline the procedures you should follow.

Public collections
If you want to raise money in a public place, you need to obtain permission to do so from the local council. Be aware that this type of collecting is very popular and there may be a waiting list.

If you want to hold a collection on private land such as in a pub or shopping centre, you need permission from the owners.

You will also need their permission if you would like them to hold onto a ‘static’ collection tin (one which stays within their business and collects spare change).

Action for M.E. can provide you with collection tins, an authorisation letter, stickers and a copy of our rules. You can order your materials here.

More information on collection tin rules

A license may be required if you are selling alcohol or offering it as a prize. Contact your local police station for more information on obtaining an ‘occasional permission license’.

Lotteries and raffles
A lottery is a game of chance in which tickets are sold, enabling the holder to qualify for a prize or money. When an element of skill is introduced then it becomes a competition and has fewer restrictions. A raffle is another word for lottery. You must hold your raffle during your event, sell tickets only to guests at the event and spend no more than £250 on raffle prizes (donated prizes do not count).

If you would like to do a larger raffle or sell tickets on a number of days please contact us for further help.

Action for M.E. can not accept liability for a fundraising activity or event you undertake in our aid. If you need insurance, you will need to take it out yourself.

Action for M.E. charity numbers
By law, Action for M.E.’s registered charity numbers must appear on all posters and advertisements. It is best practice to also include our company registration number.

These are:
Registered charity in England and Wales no. 1036419
Registered in Scotland no. SC040452
Company limited by guarantee, registered in England no. 2906840

Please get in touch with us before using our logo.

An important note

Please bear in mind that laws can change quite quickly and this information may not be up to date. For further legal advice please consult your local council or look at the external links on the right of the page. We cannot accept responsibility for your actions.


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