How we can help

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Join our community

Join our community

Joining our community is free and being a member means that you will receive:

  • access to our fun, friendly online forum (we’ll send more details about this when you register) moderated by our volunteer Peer-Support Moderators
  • Cheers e-magazine by email every month, written by and for our community – if you’d like to contribute, we’d love to hear from you
  • a birthday card every year, written by one of our lovely volunteers.

We will also send you information about how you can use our:

  • pen pal service
  • buddy writer service for our Severely Affected Members (SAMs), with no expectation that they need to send a reply.

Once we’ve checked your details (and, if you're under 16, have permission from your parent/guardian), we’ll send you an email to let you know you’re now registered as a member. This email will also contain information about joining our young people’s forum and about how to stay safe online.

And did you know we also offer free online workshops where you can make friends with other young people with M.E.? These are open to anyone age 18 and under with M.E. - you don't have to be a member.

Complete the form to join today

Please fill out the form below to join our Young People's Community, free to anyone aged 18 and under. If you’re under 16, you’ll also need the permission of your parent or guardian to join, and give us their details as well as yours when you fill out the form. This is a legal requirement, so we have to ask.

If you aren’t able to complete this form for any reason, you or your parent, carer or guardian can ask us for help on 0117 927 9551 (Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm) or send us an email.

The details you provide will be stored securely and we won’t share them without your permission. They’ll only be used for providing you with the information and services we described on the previous page, the activities you take part in or, on rare occasions, to keep you safe. We also keep records of the number of people we help, to better understand who joins our community. You can stop being part of the community at any time or chose to stop receiving cards and/or Cheers magazine by sending us an email.