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Cheers updates

Cheers updates

Hello! This page is where you can find links to the colouring competitions, recipes, book reviews and other things you've just been reading about in your Cheers update.

Here are the links to everything you've been reading about in the June 2018 edition of Cheers:

  • Colouring competition - Click here to download the competition entry colouring picture as a PDF.
  • Summer photography project - Click here to download
  • Staying cool in the summer - Click here for Lizzie's tips
  • Mini lemon cheesecakes - Click here  for the recipe
  • Photo puzzle - download the puzzle and the solution 
  • Flower hair decorations - download the instructions here 
  • Summer scramble - Click here  to download 
  • Squiggle game - Click hereto download the brand new squiggle and join the game.