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Become a young Action for M.E. member

As with any health condition, it can be difficult for someone who doesn't have M.E. to understand how it affects your daily life. This can make you feel very alone, especially if you don’t know anybody at school or college that also has it.

Becoming a member of Action for M.E. is free for anyone under 18 and can help you to connect with other people who understand what you’re going through.

Here’s a list of all the great services and support available to young Action for M.E. members – join for free today.

Your forum

Our dedicated forum for under 18s, launched in May 2017, is a safe space with clear forum guidelines and peer-moderation.


Sharing stories, support and advice can be a fun and convenient way of making friends. You can write each other letters, send emails, or both! First you will be sent a penpal/emate request form, so that we can match you with another member that has similar interests to you. You’ll then be given the contact information of your new penpal.


Joining the notebook scheme is a nice way of staying in touch with a group of other young Action for M.E. members, and sharing some of your hobbies or inspirations. A notebook is sent around a small group of members (usually between four and seven), where each person adds a new entry before passing it on to the next person in the group. There are several different types of notebook:

  • General notebook, for all young Action for M.E. members
  • SAMs (Severely Affected Members) notebook, for those who need to take the process more slowly
  • Creative notebook, where you can share arts, crafts and projects or ideas.

SAMs buddies

Some of our SAMs may be too unwell to reply to letters, but would still love to receive notes with stories or support. Buddy writing is where you write to somebody without expecting a reply. This is an incredibly rewarding experience and can really make a difference to those who may be too unwell to see their friends or talk to other people.

Local contacts

Some of our members run groups in their local area, and this is a great way to meet other people with M.E. that live nearby. They will stay in contact with you and the rest of the group regularly, and occasionally organise meet-ups. We understand that sometimes you may not be well enough to respond straight away or attend meet-ups, and that’s perfectly fine.

Bunting bee

Can you knit, sew or crochet? Get creative, and help somebody else with M.E. at the same time. SAMs often spend a lot of their time in bed and can feel very isolated. A delivery of bunting can help SAMs to feel joy and awareness that somebody out there is thinking of them. If you would like to help make someone’s day better, start by downloading our bunting pattern.

If you are already a young Action for M.E. member, and would like to ask about using any of these services, please get in touch with our Peer Support Manager.