Our Board of Trustees

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Supporting Member votes for Trustees 2023

Our Trustees ensure that the Board has the necessary skills to govern the charity effectively. Many of the Board have or have had M.E.; the majority of the rest have strong connections with M.E., usually through a family member or close friend.

Scroll down for profiles of each candidate, who will be formally appointed subject to the votes of our Supporting Members. You can do this digitally below, as well as by post via InterAction magazine (see page 7, issue 114)

Please indicate your vote for each candidate here by 5pm on Thursday 21 September 2023

Only those candidates who receive more ‘yes’ votes than ‘no’ votes will be re-appointed to the Action for M.E. Board of Trustees. Results will be announced at our online AGM on Friday 29 September - all are welcome to join us to hear about our services, support, campaigns and research.

Eleanor Bulmer

Eleanor is an experienced healthcare leader who worked with the UKs largest healthcare charity, Nuffield Health, for over ten years. She began her healthcare career as a marketing manager, based at Nuffield Health Hereford Hospital. Within her first year, she was promoted to the role of sales & services manager and also joined the hospital’s senior leadership team. Eleanor worked collaboratively with over a hundred consultants and primary care teams across Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Shropshire, Powys and Monmouthshire. She also managed the patient pathways, resourcefully initiating a patient focus group to work with her and her teams.

In March 2019, Eleanor was propelled into the role of Interim Hospital Director, leading her team through the challenges of the pandemic: “I see my greatest achievement, through those first months, as being that of blending NHS and Private Healthcare teams and processes in order to continue to deliver care to cancer patients throughout the pandemic.”

If this didn’t keep Eleanor busy enough, Nuffield Health invited her to undertake an MBA, which she successfully completed in February of this year, achieving a merit. “I am absolutely delighted with such an outcome,” she says. “Whilst I narrowly missed a distinction, I recognise how extraordinarily tough the two- and half-year apprenticeship was – particularly when I lost my mother very unexpectedly in the middle.”

In September 2022 Eleanor was invited to join the Nuffield Health Trading Team in central office to support the commercial performance of the group’s 31 hospitals , which she thoroughly enjoyed. Sadly, due to an operational restructure the trading team were made redundant in November 2023. Eleanor moved to become a Non-Executive Director with Wye Valley NHS Trust.

When she isn’t working, Eleanor is a keen and competitive horse rider. During the winter months, her husband Callum, an avid skier, ensures they get away to the slopes when they can.

“My desire to become a trustee with Action for M.E. is driven by my passion for caring and having suffered from M.E.,” says Eleanor. “I have a strong desire to raise the awareness of this debilitating disease and work with you to grow the research that will hopefully deliver relief, if not a cure, for patients.”

Notes for your information

  1. Only Supporting and Lifelong Members of Action for M.E. (known collectively as Supporting Membership) are eligible to vote in the election of new Trustees.
  2. Supporting Membership does not mean membership of Action for M.E. as a company limited by guarantee. The Trustees of Action for M.E. have resolved that those candidates who are endorsed by the Supporting Membership will be elected as Trustees by the members of Action for M.E. as a company law matter. Conversely, the Trustees have undertaken that those candidates who are not endorsed by the Supporting Membership will not be elected as Trustees by the members of Action for M.E.
  3. Any votes received from persons who are not part of the Supporting Membership or who cannot be identified by Action for M.E. as such shall be deemed invalid.
  4. An individual Supporting or Lifelong Member shall only be entitled to one vote for each candidate. Any further votes received from that individual shall be deemed invalid.
  5. All votes must be received by Action for M.E. on or before 5pm on Thursday 21 September 2023. Any votes received after this time will not be counted.
  6. A candidate shall be eligible for appointment or reappointment as a Trustee on and from Action for M.E.’s Annual General Meeting, Friday 29 September 2023, in the event that he or she receives more valid ‘yes’ votes than ‘no’ votes. Any ‘no preference’ votes or non-indicated votes shall be disregarded for these purposes.
  7. In the event of any dispute regarding the ballot or the voting process, the decision of the Board of Trustees of Action for M.E. shall be final and binding.