Coronavirus and M.E./CFS

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Support with shopping

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The UK Government are advising those who are at increased risk of severe illness from Coronavirus to be particularly stringent in following social distancing measures. This means those who are:

  • aged 70 or older, regardless of medical conditions
  • aged under 70 with a listed underlying health condition [...including] chronic neurological conditions, such as M.E.

Why do people with M.E. need extra support?

M.E. is a complex neurological condition. Simple physical or mental activities leave people with M.E. feeling utterly debilitated, and can increase other symptoms, including pain. The impact of this can typically take a day or two to kick in, and is not improved by resting. This is a key feature of M.E., and is known as post-exertional malaise.

Another common symptom of M.E. is cognitive dysfunction, sometimes described as "brain fog." This can make it extremely difficult for them to compete with healthy people to obtain a delivery slot online.

One in four people with M.E. are severely affected, leaving them house and or bed-bound. Many of these people have relied on home delivery for years as a way to access essential supplies. All supermarkets have experienced significant demand in their online services and we know many have increased capacity to deal with this. But some people with M.E. are telling us that they are unable to obtain a delivery slot for food.

How you can help

Please take action now to allow your customers with M.E. to

  • obtain priority access to delivery slots online
  • access priority shopping times in stores, without having to queue if at all possible.

Without this, they are being disadvantaged because of their disability.

Does your store recognise the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower? Wearing a Hidden Disabilities Sunflower discreetly indicates to people around you including staff, colleagues and health professionals that you may need additional support, help or a little more time. Find out more at

For more information about M.E. or to signpost someone to us for support, call 0117 927 9551 or email