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InterAction, our magazine for Supporting Members, is packed full of news, research and features on living with M.E. It also includes letters, notices and stories from people with M.E.

Aiming to encourage, support and inform our members, InterAction is published in April, August and November.

Our brilliant volunteers write content, proofread the pages to make sure everything is accurate and easy to understand, and record articles for our Soundcloud channel.

The Winter 2023 issue, InterAction 115, is available to listen to now.

You can read selected articles below – or why not join us to receive your copy three times a year?

Reinventing the season

February 25, 4020

From InterAction 115, published Winter 2023 Reinventing the seasonSociety, the media, even our loved ones – all paint a picture of what Christmas is ‘supposed’ to look like. For those…

Finding ways to see the world

From InterAction 114, published Autumn 2023Finding ways to see the world The M.E. community shares practical tips for enjoying holidays adapted to your needs – as well as ideas for…

Nutritional therapy

From InterAction 113, published April 2023This alternative approach is one where chronic health issues are assessed holistically, and treatments individually tailored. Sally Ulph…

“Less stuff, more life”

From InterAction 112, published Christmas 2022In managing his M.E. Oliver Sharman found that less is definitely more. He shares his journey in adopting the concept of minimalism.In…

New Government approach to M.E.

From InterAction 111, published Autumn 2022Former Health Secretary Sajid Javid chose the first ever World M.E. Day to publish a pioneering statement pledging a new approach to M.E.…

Stronger together

From InterAction 110, published Spring 2022Action for M.E. has now merged with the ME Trust and is offering Healthcare Services including access to a doctor, physiotherapist, counsellor…

The bright side of having a chronic illness

From InterAction 109, published Christmas 2021The bright side of having a chronic illnessSwap my life with a healthy person’s? Not a chance, says Ellie Finney.Towards the end of Netflix…

Managing your illness

From InterAction 108, published Autumn 2021It can often be difficult to remain optimistic when you are living with the debilitating effects of M.E. but many people do find ways of effectively…