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InterAction, our lively membership magazine is packed full of news, research and features on living with M.E., plus letters, notices and stories from people with M.E. None of this would be possible without our brilliant volunteers, who write content, proofread the pages it to make sure everything is accurate and easy to understand, and record articles for our Soundcloud channel.

Read selected articles below, or join us to receive your copy three times a year.

New beginnings

From InterAction 107, published spring 2021Pregnancy can be a minefield, particularly if you have M.E./CFS. Dr Katrina Pears tells us how she navigated her journey whilst living with…

2020 – a year to forget?

From InterAction 106, published December 2020Glad to see the back of 2020? We asked nine people whose lives have been touched by M.E. to give their reflections on the past year and…

Low dose naltrexone

From InterAction 105, published September 2020 Retired GP Dr Monica Bolton shares her experience of low dose naltrexone (LDN), and reviews the evidence, having recently returned to…

Portrait of an illness

From InterAction 105, published September 2020What happens if you have M.E. and get Covid-19? Poet and artist Alec Finlay should know – he’s still recovering after contracting the virus…

Tackling attitudes

From InterAction 105, published September 2020When Emily Snow’s M.E. was so debilitating she couldn’t even stand up, never for a moment did she think she would one day become a paramedic.…

Medical Matters - M.E. and Fibromyalgia

From InterAction 103, published December 2019Our Medical Advisor Dr Gregor Purdie considers the overlap between M.E. and Fibromyalgia.“My doctor talked in detail about Fibromyalgia…

Season's eatings

From InterAction 103, published December 2019Food allergies aren’t festive, but adapting your diet to manage intolerances is easier than it’s ever been, says a very merry Patsy Quinn.All…

Surviving celebrations

From InterAction 103, published December 2019This extract from Emily Collingridge’s brilliant book, Severe M.E.: a guide to living, offers advice on making festivities when you are…