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InterAction, our lively membership magazine is packed full of news, research and features on living with M.E., plus letters, notices and stories from people with M.E. None of this would be possible without our brilliant volunteers, who write content, proofread the pages it to make sure everything is accurate and easy to understand, and record articles for our Soundcloud channel.

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Medical Matters - M.E. and Fibromyalgia

Our Medical Advisor Dr Gregor Purdie considers the overlap between M.E. and Fibromyalgia.“My doctor talked in detail about Fibromyalgia at the same time as M.E. when he was coming to…

Season's eatings

From InterAction 103, published December 2019Food allergies aren’t festive, but adapting your diet to manage intolerances is easier than it’s ever been, says a very merry Patsy Quinn.All…

Surviving celebrations

This extract from Emily Collingridge’s brilliant book, Severe M.E.: a guide to living, offers advice on making festivities when you are severely affected by M.E.From Chapter 12:Activities…

Medical Matters - In a spin?

Many people with M.E. tell us they often experience dizziness and feel off balance. Our Medical Advisor Dr Gregor Purdie looks at some possible causes, and remedies that might help.Dizziness…

We never gave up

Sarah Graham shares her family’s experience of M.E. and what helped her young daughter recover from the illness.In January 2017 we practically carried our teenage daughter into hospital,…

Fatigue-fighting foods

Getting all the right nutrients is vital for health, but can be problematic for people with M.E. Nutritional therapist Olivia Smart tackles the issue.I became ill with M.E. as a teenager.…

Marathon Massive

The London Marathon took place on 28 April this year, and we had a brilliant team of 14 runners. With all of their hard work training, preparing and fundraising, between them they raised…

For the non-believers

This excellent summary of the scientific evidence for M.E. was shared on Twitter by Research Scientist, Dr Mark Guthridge.M.E. patients face disbelief that they are sick. Many are told…