Festive cheer
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Festive cheer

From InterAction 94, Christmas 2016

We know some people with M.E. find Christmas and New Year difficult, but what’s one thing you’re looking forward to over the holiday season?

“As I can rarely cook a proper meal for myself throughout the year, I enjoy going to my cousin’s for Christmas dinner. I don’t stay for the whole evening and am exhausted the next day/week. I appreciate their kindness and the effort they put into making a lovely Christmas – and they don’t ask me to do anything except turn up.” Anne-Louise 

“Not having to go to work, doing things when I am able to and not when I have to, mostly being with my lovely supportive family.” Janet 

“I am the best I have been for years and I have just helped my daughter make a ginger bread house. For the last five years I wasn’t able to do anything like this so this is a fairly special event for me.” Vicki

“It is my son’s first Christmas with M.E./CFS, he is 10 years old and still full of joy and happiness despite feeling ill and tired. We will be having a relaxing time at home, with family coming to us.” Juliette 

“It really feels like any other day with CFS but I just do what I can and try to stay positive. Sending healing thoughts to you all.” Sevil 

“Watching White Christmas on Christmas Eve with my other half. I might even risk a bit of alcohol, as I can sometimes get away with a centimetre or so in a shot glass. It’s the little things for me.” Samantha 

“I have had M.E. for over 10 years, and this time last year I couldn’t even walk to the end of our road to see the nativity. Over this year I have gradually started to get stronger, changed my diet and I’m losing weight and being more active. Of course I still have bad days but they are fewer and not so bad as they used to be. I thought I would never have any sort of life again especially after being ill for such a long time, so don’t give up people, it can improve, it is not hopeless. Cherish every little success, be gentle with yourself and notice the little things that bring you joy over Christmas and treasure them. Happy Christmas, people.” Helen 

“I’ve already got what I’m looking forwards to – carer made me sugar free mince pies today. Jusroll shortcrust pastry, ready rolled, 2 chopped apples, handful of currants and a tablespoon of honey. And a beaten egg to stick the pastry together. They’re lovely! Not many left....” Lois 

“I have enjoyed the run up to Christmas this year because I have made my husband help me more and I have made some Christmas bunting that I have put in the window ( I love sewing). I will definitely be looking forward to a day out between Christmas and New Year.” Diana 

“Waking up on the morning of Christmas Day and putting on my new slippers.” Lynn

“Happy Christmas to all people with M.E. I’d love a few pints of Guinness, a session in the pub...phew ...” Steve 

“To see my three grown-up children together to hear them laughing. They all live in different cities now, so it doesn’t happen often. Only wish I could go to pub with them!” Gail 

“Listening to Professor Mark Williams’ meditations, they are so good and extremely relaxing.” Marilynn

“Seeing my nephew full of excitement. Eating lots of chocolate and having Turkey and chips on Boxing Day.” Donna

Wishing a very Merry Christmas to all our readers from everyone at Action for M.E.