For the non-believers
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For the non-believers

This excellent summary of the scientific evidence for M.E. was shared on Twitter by Research Scientist, Dr Mark Guthridge.

M.E. patients face disbelief that they are sick. Many are told that they are simply tired, stressed, anxious, depressed, lazy or malingering. How can people with M.E. respond to such disbelief and lack of understanding?

Below are seven evidence-based scientifically supported findings that you can use to inform those who don’t understand that M.E. is a multi-organ, systemic and severely debilitating illness.

These findings demonstrate that M.E. patients have a range of biochemical impairments that are:

a. simply not possible to fake
b. not due to deconditioning
c. not due to depression.

Click here to download a printable PDF version of this article.