Marathon Massive
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Marathon Massive

The London Marathon took place on 28 April this year, and we had a brilliant team of 14 runners. With all of their hard work training, preparing and fundraising, between them they raised an incredible £21,539. Well done to the team for helping make our work possible – Andrew, Emma, Tracie, Clair, Matthew, Kirsty, Gabriella, Phil, John, Ross, Alice, Sophie, Myriam and Kenneth.

Alice (pictured) ran in memory of her friend, Katie.

“Katie suffered throughout high school and Sixth Form, frequently having to miss out on days (and often weeks) at school, and as well as events outside of school. Despite all of this, she always had the ‘Katie smile’ and would brighten up any room she went in to.

“A special M.E. charity* provided support to Katie and her family throughout this time, helping her accept her diagnosis and learn coping mechanisms for living with the disease.

“In 2015, days before her 22nd birthday, Katie suddenly passed away. Her death was unrelated to her M.E. diagnosis.

“Having previously run 10k events and half marathons I can’t think of a better way of spending an April Sunday morning, and I feel both mentally and physically prepared to take on the challenge. It feels likethe right time to take the plunge and run as an Action for M.E. charity runner.

“Although Katie is no longer with us, many children, teenagers and adults are dealing with an M.E. diagnosis. This can be especially difficult for young adults, missing out on key events both in school and socially. Being able to support a charity that helps individuals like Katie learn how to cope with their diagnosis and make plans for their future is a very humbling opportunity.”

*The charity that supported Katie and her family was The Association for Young People with M.E., which closed in 2017, having merged with Action for M.E., now the only UK charity to support people with M.E. of all ages.