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Supporting people with M.E./CFS in hospital

In response to increasing requests for advocacy support from people with M.E./CFS in hospital, including those more severely affected, we have worked with The 25% ME Group, Blue Ribbon for the Awareness of ME and the ME Association to co-produce this resource, with input from people with lived experience and healthcare professionals.

Template for Engaging With MP

We have developed this template so that anyone who needs to contact their MP about their own, or a family member's care, can do so easily. It can be adapted to meet your specific needs.

Patient passport

You can download, print and fill out this resource to help you communicate the reasonable adjustments you need to healthcare professionals.

Pacing for people with M.E.

Based on the expertise and experience of people with M.E. and Pete Gladwell, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist, Bristol NHS M.E./CFS Service, Pacing for people with M.E. also reflects the 2021 NICE guideline for M.E. The essentials of pacing are covered on 14 pages in the “Your step-by-step pacing guide” (pages 14 to 27). Other things you may find useful in your self-management toolkit come under the “Pacing as part of self-management” section (pages 28 to 52).

Healthcare Services self-referral form

Our Healthcare Services include a doctor, physiotherapists, counsellors and chaplains, who between them have many years experience working with people with M.E. Please read information about the service you are interested in, including details of fees, before you complete this form. As a charity, we charge fees only to cover our costs and aim to keep these affordable. Help with up to 50% of fees may be available, depending on your circumstances.

Are you missing M.E.?

“It can be very lonely coping with chronic health problems. Action for M.E. is a valuable resource and it’s reassuring to know that there are wonderful people like you who care and are doing as much as they can to help others.” This leaflet gives a brief overview of M.E. and its impact and signposts to information and support from Action for M.E.

Peer mentoring guide

This resource is for anyone considering facilitating peer mentoring for people living with or caring for someone with M.E./CFS. Much of it will be applicable to other fluctuating and/or energy-limiting health conditions, including Long Covid. It shares learning from Action for M.E.’s five-year Mentor M.E. peer-mentoring project, setting out how we approached this, and some tools that might be helpful.

NICE guideline and GP training

Use our template letter to signpost your GP to the 2021 NICE guideline (or Scottish Good Practice Statement) and Dr Nina Muirhead's CPD-accredited free online learning module on the diagnosis and management of M.E., complemented by our Learn about M.E. podcast series.