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Some of our supporters have chosen to tell their personal stories here, to help others understand what it's like to live with M.E., and raise awareness of its impact. We are grateful to all of them for sharing their experience.

Laura: "My M.E. didn't stop me achieving my dreams"

At the age of 10 years old, I came down with a very intense flu-like virus and although the fever subsided after a couple of weeks, I was left with persistent fatigue. I remember initially…

Verity: ​"I first developed M.E. at 13 - I am now 21"

Verity shared her story with us for 2019 Severe M.E. Day on Thursday 8 August, a day to honour the one in four children and adults with M.E. who are most severely affected.I first developed…

David: "I presumed M.E. meant just feeling tired"

Trigger warning: This article mentions suicide.David was misdiagnosed with depression for nearly two years - but was depressed because of how ill he was. Many people with M.E. experience…

Zoe: "It was a teacher that suggested a possible diagnosis”

Zoe Galbraith, 20, is a music student at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS), a world-leading performance arts school in Glasgow. Zoe developed M.E. at 16, just as she was preparing…

Sam: "I was lucky because I found a good GP"

Sam, 25, was diagnosed with M.E. five years ago. Before she became ill she was starting her dream career in catering. “Before my diagnosis, I saw many doctors who did many blood tests…

​Oliver: “Not being able to join in is hardest”

Oliver, age 13, lives in North Yorkshire. Having previously been unable to attend school, we were delighted to receive the following update from him and his mum Catherine in May 2019.Oliver…

Olivia: "Not being believed took away my voice"

Action for M.E. supporter and M.E. advocate Olivia Cole, 18, has had M.E. for eight years. She shared this story with us in September 2017.I was a completely normal and healthy little…

Emma: “I'd like every parent to benefit from the support we have”

Emma's son William has M.E. She shared this story with us in November 2017.Our son William is just 10 years old, and has been ill for the past 18 months. Just nine months ago he was…