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Welcome to the Action for M.E. Parent and Carer Forum, the place to come for peer support and friendship if you’re the parent, carer or guardian of a child or young person with M.E.

WOULD YOUR CHILD LIKE TO BE PART OF OUR YOUNG PERSON'S COMMUNITY? Membership is free for anyone age 18 or under; your child can join online now or by calling us on 0117 937 9551.

This is a closed forum, which means you’ll need to register before you can see what people are saying or make posts yourself. It can take up to three working days to approve your forum registration, so please be patient. We ask you to provide your full name and email address when you register, and to choose an anonymous username. Please do not use your real name as your username to protect your privacy.

We may use your email address to contact you about administrative issues and changes to the forum. Posts to the forum made by users may contain sensitive information. We advise users to be careful not to post information which would allow them to be identified. More information can be found in our privacy policy.