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Living with M.E.

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Support near you

Support near you

Along with the information and advice available from Action for M.E., local support groups are a fantastic resource for people affected by this complex condition. They be a great source of:

  • information about local GPs that have experience of M.E.
  • details about other support services near you
  • peer-support and friendship
  • social events tailored to people with M.E.

You can find your nearest group by searching our local services directory using your postcode.

If your group urgently needs support to keep it running, please get in touch so that we can add it to this page.

South East London M.E. Support Group

The group urgently needs new trustees in order to continue functioning. Anyone who is interested in applying to be a trustee is asked to contact Patricia de Wolfe by emailing patricia@dewolfe.myzen.co.uk.The issue of whether or not the group can continue running will be discussed at the group's AGM on June 17 at the Copleston Centre Cafe in Peckham from 3pm.