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Fundraising at work or school

Fundraising at work or school

Fundraising is all about people, and you’re most likely to get support from the people you know. School, clubs and other places you go regularly can offer great opportunities for fundraising and raising awareness of M.E. See below for some of our favorite ideas.

  • Cake sales are a classic for a reason; they’re as close as you can get to something for everybody. You could bake items yourself to sell or ask local businesses if they might want to donate something.
  • Raffles or sweepstakes for major sporting events are all great ways to raise money. You can charge £2 per ticket and split the money between donations and a prize.
  • Auctions or skill shares are when people donate either items or some of their time to raise money. People can offer to teach somebody a hobby, do jobs for them or just donate an item for others to buy.
  • Another classic is a dress down day, or if you’re feeling more creative you could have a dressing up day. People donate to wear either their own clothes or a costume for the day at school.
  • Does anybody you know have a secret talent? You can help them showcase it by organising a company- or school-wide talent show, and asking for donations for tickets. This is an example of an event where extra bits can really add up; you could sell photos or refreshments to make extra money.

A lot of companies will match money raised by staff members for charity, some will also match donations made to charity as well. Check whether your company has a match giving or other corporate giving scheme, it could potentially double the money you raise.

For more information and support with your fundraising, please contact the Fundraising team by email or call on 0117 927 9551.

Advice, tips and everything else you need to organise a successful fundraising event is also available in our Fundraising pack.

Walk with M.E.

Walk with M.E. is a fundraising campaign created by Action for M.E. supporter Natalie Heron.

The idea is for teams, of any size, to walk 1 million steps in exchange for sponsorship. The challenge begins on 1 February 2018, if you'd like to get a team together at your work place or school you can find more information on our Walk with M.E. page.