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Fundraising ideas

Fundraising ideas

Fundraising events work best when they grab people’s attention and when they have a clear link to the cause. Try to make your event personal to you, and as far as possible to make it fun!

Below are some of our suggestions to help you come up with a fundraising hit.

Make it local

What’s special and memorable about where you live? You could ask to get involved in a local event, involve a local landmark or use a theme from your town’s history.

Make it personal

People often give to people as much as to a cause, so try to make your fundraising personal to you. You could get people to sponsor you to do something you’re afraid of or involve one of your hobbies or a local group you belong to.

If you're willing to share your own experiences of M.E. this can also help raise much needed awareness of the condition.

Action for M.E. supporter Natalie was inspired by her experiences of M.E. to create Walk with M.E., which will be running again in 2018. For more information and to sign up visit our Walk with M.E. page.

Make it creative

Get those creative juices flowing and help us raise money by doing something you love. Don’t be afraid to try something new, that's how a lot of the best fundraising ideas get started.

Fundraising can be a chance to show your crafty or artistic side. In the past our fundraisers have organised art shows, held open mic nights or sold home made knitting and jewelry to raise money.

Make it green

You can recycle clothes, ink cartridges and mobile phones to raise money for Action for M.E. Try asking if other people have items they would like to donate to raise extra money.

Printer ink cartridges and mobile phones can be recycled to raise money through Recycle 4 Charity. You can request a freepost envelope for ink cartridges by contacting the Action for M.E. Fundraising team.

Add a little extra

Little extras can really add up in fundraising, so whatever your event try to think of ways you can add that little bit more to encourage people to donate.

You could do a sweepstake to guess your time for a sponsored walk or run, or sell refreshments or souvenirs at an event. We have Action for M.E. badges and wristbands that we can provide on a sale or return basis. A souvenir or your event can be a great reminder of the day and our work, and if people buy something as well as donate it all adds to your fundraising total.

For more information and support with your fundraising please contact the Fundraising team by email or call on 0117 927 9551.

Advice, tips and everything else you need to organise a successful fundraising event is available in our Fundraising pack, and we also have free fundraising resources available to order.