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Walk with M.E. 2019

Walk with M.E. 2019

And they’re off! Walk with M.E. 2019 officially began on 1 February and we’re thrilled that it’s already looking like our biggest year yet. Throughout the campaign, this page will be the go to place for everyone taking part to get fundraising resources, step counters and updates about the progress of the campaign.

Walk with M.E. is a sponsored walk with a twist: everything is done as a team. This means you can take part if you would like to, whatever your level of functionality. Some people with M.E. are unable to take even a few steps. By working as part of a team to count up one million steps in 100 hundred days, anyone can take part in Walk with M.E. We are delighted to announce that a generous family trust has offered to match-fund every penny raised by Walk with M.E. – which means everything you raise will be doubled!

You can take part as a team or walk in honour of a friend or family member with M.E. (see below). Not yet signed up but still want to take part? Don’t worry, there’s still time! Information about the event is below, and you can sign up quickly using the short form at the end of this page.

Count your steps

You can use our printable Walk with M.E. step counter or step counter spreadsheet, for keeping track of your team's steps. We've also put together a guide to pedometers and apps that might come in handy for individual team members recording their steps.

Once you've got a way to count your steps, be sure to let us know how you're doing using our short form below.

Maximise your fundraising

There’s no minimum sponsorship for Walk with M.E. Previous years teams have looked to raise between £100 and £500, with some going as high as £1,000! Whatever your target, every penny you raise will make a vital difference to our work.

Fundraising top tip: Set up a Walk with M.E. fundraising page through JustGiving so people can sponsor you quickly and securely online. Use your page to tell your story, and explain why you’re taking part – and share the link on social media and by email.

Follow Walk with M.E. online using the hashtag #WalkwithME and don't forget to share your updates and pictures with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We'd love to hear about your progress!

We have lots of free fundraising materials you can use - or complete a request form for other items such as collection tins and awareness-raising leaflets.

Share your Walk with M.E. story

Sharing your experience of M.E. is a powerful way to help raise awareness for the condition and its impact. It also helps others living with M.E. know that they are not alone. Please complete our short case study form online if you are interested in sharing your story on our website, featuring in our updates about Walk with M.E., or speaking to a journalist about your experience of M.E.

We would never give out your contact details to a journalist without contacting you first to check that it’s OK, and you can stop being a case study at any time by letting us know.

Send your steps

It's quick and easy to send in your step counts, just use the short form below. You can choose to send us your steps at the end of each week, month, or when you hit a particular milestone like your first 100,000. It's up to you, we'll be including shout outs to teams in our regular newsletters.

If you've got a fundraising event coming up you can also request fundraising materials, available free to anyone taking part in Walk with M.E. 2019. Create your own user feedback survey

Can't see the form? Go to to submit step counts and request fundraising materials.

Sign up now

If you have moderate or mild M.E., taking part a as a team means there’s no pressure to do more than you can. Whether you can walk one step or 100 steps, they all count towards the total. Pace yourself, contribute as many steps as you can (not more than your health will allow), and at the end you and your team will have a total you’ve reached together. If you aren’t able to walk any steps at all, you can take part by encouraging your team and spreading the word to maximise sponsorship.

One in four people with M.E. are so severely ill they are house or bed-bound, too ill to take even a single step. If you have a friend, family member or colleague living with M.E., you can take part in Walk with M.E. in their honour. By doing so, you’re raising vital funds and recognising the value of those from whom the condition has taken so much.

Walk with M.E. 2019 starts on Friday 1 February and ends on M.E. Awareness Day, Sunday 12 May. Over this time you and/or your team will be counting steps and collecting donations, helping make this year our best Walk with M.E. yet. Don’t forget, every penny raised as part of Walk with M.E. will be doubled, thanks to the match-funding support of generous family trust.

Sign up for Walk with M.E. 2019 now to receive a free welcome pack filled with tips and fundraising materials. You’ll have the full support of our fundraising team and the chance to meet other Walk with M.E. teams too.

You can also contact the fundraising team to sign up. Just email us or call on 0117 927 9551.