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Walk with M.E. 2020

Walk with M.E. 2020

Walk with M.E. is a sponsored walk with a twist: everything is done as a team. Starting on Saturday 1 February, team members count their sponsored steps for 100 days and add them together to make one grand team total, aiming to reach one million steps between them.

We are delighted to announce that a generous family trust has offered to match-fund every penny raised by Walk with M.E. – which means everything you raise will be doubled!

Last year, Walk with M.E. saw people like you raise almost £14,000 to support our vital work. Can you help make 2020’s Walk with M.E. our best yet? Sign up here now or email the fundraising team at fundraising@actionforme.org.uk.

Walk with M.E. was created by Natalie Heron, an Action for M.E. fundraiser who wanted to set a challenge for people with M.E. with the idea that you create a team and count your steps together. We're really grateful for the hard work put into launching the campaign and for allowing us to continue it and continue raising awareness and funds to support our vital work.

Taking part as a team

If you have moderate or mild M.E., having a team around you means there’s no pressure to do more than you can. Whether you can walk one step or 100 steps, they all count towards the total.

Pace yourself, contribute as many steps as you can (not more than your health will allow), and at the end you and your team will have a total you’ve reached together.

If you aren’t able to walk any steps at all, you can take part by encouraging your team and spreading the word to maximise sponsorship.

Walk with M.E. 2020 starts on Saturday 1 February and ends on M.E. Awareness Day, Tuesday 12 May. Over this time your team will be counting steps and collecting donations, helping make this year our best Walk with M.E. yet.

If you’d like to take part, please register (details below), and start inviting friends, family and colleagues to join your Walk with M.E. team. Don’t forget, every penny raised as part of Walk with M.E. will be doubled, thanks to the match-funding support of a generous family trust.

Walking in honour of

One in four people with M.E. are so severely ill they are house or bed-bound, too ill to take even a single step.

If you have a friend, family member or colleague living with M.E., you can take part in Walk with M.E. in their honour. By doing so, you’re raising vital funds and recognising the value of those from whom the condition has taken so much.

Sign up now

If you’d like to sign up for Walk with M.E. 2020 you can do so here. Alternatively you can email our fundraising team or call on 0117 937 6626. You’ll receive a free welcome pack filled with tips and fundraising materials, have the full support of our fundraising team and get the chance to connect with other Walk with M.E. teams, too.