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What's your M.E. marathon?

What's your M.E. marathon?

We are always inspired by those with M.E. who help make our work possible. Action for M.E. supporter Rachel Ephgrave’s M.E. marathon wasn’t a marathon at all – it didn’t even include running.

But that doesn’t mean that, for Rachel, it didn’t take as much or even more effort. Unable to join her friend when she took part in the 100km Race to the Stones event, Rachel was determined to take action to raise money, and came up with her own challenge: walking to a lamp post near her house 100 times.

“To those who run marathons, do triathlons, climb mountains and cycle vast distances, this may seem a trivial undertaking,” she said. “I can assure you it is not. To achieve this I needed to pace my energy carefully, ensuring that I reserved sufficient for the essentials, namely caring for my children.”

Rachel completed her challenge over seven months and raised more than £2,000 for Action for M.E. Due to her health some of her walks had to be done in two parts to allow her time to rest. We think Rachel is a marvel, and her strength is an inspiration.

This campaign celebrates people like Rachel. Whatever challenge you take on to raise awareness or vital funds for us, we want the world to know how important it is. Email or call our fundraising team on 0117 927 9551, or say hello on Twitter using the #myMEmarathon hashtag.

Get inspired

  • For many, food is the route to their heart. A bake sale or coffee morning is a fundraising classic that can bring in a great total. Action for M.E. fundraiser Dionne Grover-Jacques raised £100 selling Pimms and cupcakes at her husband Robin’s studio. Dionne’s advice is to “keep it simple and save energy.” If you don’t have the energy to bake you could ask people to bring or donate items instead
  • Inspired by her experiences of M.E., Pippa Stacey wanted to create something to brighten the day of people living with chronic illness. What started as a creative hobby and "fun bit of charity work" has now become a non-profit business with customers in 68 countries. "This is something I still haven’t quite got my head around, especially since most of our work is carried out from my bed!" says Pippa. Want to know more? Read Pippa's story.
  • If you’re a bit of a chatterbox, why not try a sponsored silence – this can serve to highlight the isolating effects of M.E. as well as encouraging donations. Jamie Beveridge, whose mother had lived with M.E. for 15 years when he chose to fundraise for us, raised more than £500 through a 16-hour sponsored silence.
  • Fancy a new style? Dying your hair, trying a crazy style or getting it cut are all possible ways to raise donations. Laura Mathews got her hair cut for the first time at 25 years old and raised over £1,000 towards our work. Read Laura's story to find out more.
  • If you have a hobby or creative streak, there could be a way to transform it into donations. Our fundraisers have sold knitting, art and, in the case of Tracey Nicholls, jewellery to raise money. Speaking in InterAction 91, Tracey explained that “getting lost in the process of creating” allows her body to relax. “The fundraising is just because I don’t want to profit from something that I consider a therapy,” she adds. “Also I can’t wear it all!” If you make items but aren’t able to sell them, get in touch with our team and we may be able to arrange for one of our fundraisers to do so on your behalf. We’re particularly looking for knitting at the moment.

Even simple things, like putting out a collection tin, will help us make a vital difference to the lives of the thousands of people each year who contact us looking for information and support. We have collection tins, posters and leaflets we can send out free of charge. Is there a local shop, library or a GP surgery near you that might take some materials to help raise awareness of M.E.?

Do what works for you. If you have your own idea to raise funds and help highlight the reality of M.E., please get in touch. 

Email or call our fundraising team on 0117 927 9551, or say hello on Twitter using the #myMEmarathon hashtag. Our fundraising team will be happy to support you all the way.