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M.E. Awareness Month 2016

M.E. Awareness Month 2016

Along with charities, groups and individuals across the world, Action for M.E. put plans in place to raise awareness of M.E. throughout May, including M.E. Awareness Week (Sunday 8 to Saturday 14 May) and M.E. Awareness Day (Thursday 12 May) in 2016.

While we work to increase understanding of M.E. throughout the year, M.E. Awareness Month offers an opportunity to really highlight the impact of the condition in the press and among professionals and the general public.

For 2016, we emphasised the isolation experienced by so many people with M.E. and let people know how they could take steps to tackle this.

“Lack of understanding is very isolating for me,” said Samantha, posting on our Facebook page. “It’s just too tiring to fully explain everything and, in fairness to other people, M.E. is difficult to get your head round when you’ve got it, never mind when you haven’t.” 

Lisa added that she finds it “extremely difficult that old friends can’t be bothered with me, because being chronically ill is boring after a while. Newer friends are fine for up to a year, then they drop me like a hot stone because having a sick friend isn’t interesting any more.” 

We took action so that people with M.E. felt less isolated. During May 2016, we:

  • placed stories in the press, featuring people with M.E. talking about their experience of the illness, to help others understand its impact; you can read more about this in our news channel
  • launched our Don't ignore M.E. film for our supporters to share widely online, highlighting the isolation experienced by people with M.E., and asking viewers to take action. 
  • ran our #DontIgnoreMe social media campaign highlighting the practical steps that the friends, family and colleagues of people with M.E. can take to reduce isolation.