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​Action for M.E. joins Long COVID Alliance

​Action for M.E. joins Long COVID Alliance

March 01, 2021

Action for M.E. has joined 50 international partner organisations to form the Long COVID Alliance, an organisation with aims to educate policy makers and accelerate research to transform our understanding of post-infectious illness, including M.E./CFS.

Preliminary reports and data about Long COVID symptoms and patient experiences contain many similarities to other chronic illnesses known to be associated with viral triggers, such as M.E./CFS.

Our CEO, Sonya Chowdhury, says: “For so many years, chronic conditions such as M.E./CFS have been ignored by policy makers and research funders. Now, with international attention on Long COVID, we stand as part of the new Long COVID Alliance to ensure the focus and funding for Long COVID brings benefits and progress for people with M.E./CFS too.”

The Long COVID Alliance is a network of patient advocates, scientists, disease and public health experts, and drug developers, who have joined together to share knowledge and resources. It aims to advocate for investment into research, create post-viral research infrastructure and translate research results into diagnostic tests and treatments.