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​Join Astriid's 'Balancing work with M.E./CFS' webinar

September 02, 2020

This summer, we have been in conversation with Astriid, a specialist employment support charity. We are delighted to now be working with them to grow their new Community for M.E./CFS.

“Here at Astriid, we know that living with M.E./CFS can be full of invisible challenges,” explains Elizabeth Land, Astriid’s Partnership Manager.

“Employment in particular remains a grey area: while those more severely affected by the condition likely won’t be capable of work in any capacity, those with milder forms often struggle to find suitable opportunities. Working full-time with limited flexibility over hours and workplace simply wouldn’t be feasible alongside managing their condition.

“As such, our mission is to help people with long-term health conditions find meaningful work. We want to provide bespoke support and guidance to chronically ill individuals hoping to develop their career or return to employment after a leave of absence. We also want to work with employers on developing safe and genuine inclusive opportunities within their organisation.

“As well as offering an online platform for matching talented candidates with more flexible roles, we’re now turning our attention to developing communities for people with shared lived experience. We’re beginning this new venture with Astriid’s Community for M.E./CFS.

“Through our community pages, we hope to share tailored and useful resources, personal stories and accomplishments, and ongoing support and empathy for people with M.E./CFS.”

Astriid will launch its this new community with a free webinar, Balancing work with M.E./CFS, on Wednesday 9 September, noon to 12.45pm, with contributions from a panel with lived experience of M.E./CFS. The webinar will be recorded, and we will share the link to this afterwards for those not able to make it on the day.

UPDATE A recording of the webinar is now available to view on Astriid's YouTube channel, along with a more recent 'Managing ME in the Workplace' webinar.

“We want to take action on behalf of people living with M.E./CFS,” says Elizabeth. “Through Astriid’s Community For M.E./CFS, we hope to play a role in ensuring those with the condition have access to the safe and fulfilling employment experiences they deserve, allowing individuals to fulfil their potential. To find out more, visit our website or say hello on social media!”