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​Bethany’s Walk with M.E. challenge

January 30, 2018

“I went from leading a very active and fun life to being constantly stuck at home isolated and confused. The life I'm living now is not what I thought my early 20s would be like. I can no longer socialise like I used to. Just going out for a meal wipes me out for days. Because of this I have lost friends and I have felt really isolated as I watch others my age living their lives.

“M.E has had a big impact on the lives of my loved ones and my relationships with them. I have learnt who my true friends are, who are really there for me, and it has made me appreciate those people a lot more.”

That’s the experience of Bethany Ollier, who has M.E., and who is helping us to raise awareness of the condition by taking part in our 2018 Walk with M.E. team fundraising challenge.

Bethany is too unwell to walk very far, so, like many of our Walk with M.E. participants, she is taking part in a team, only walking as many steps as she can safely manage, which will contribute to the combined team total. We're delighted that Bethany can take part in this way, working around her illness by taking as many steps as she can over the 100 days of her challenge to raise vital funds for Action for M.E.

“I have wanted to raise money for Action for M.E for some time now, and this is the perfect opportunity”, says Bethany. “It is a great charity that does a lot to improve the lives of people with M.E and I want to be part of that.”

You can find out more about the event and how to get involved here.