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​Edinburgh ME Self Help Group's AGM and open meeting

November 07, 2019

Open meeting - ‘ Sharing experiences of living (a better life) with M.E.’

On 26 October, we were invited to attend the Edinburgh ME Self Help Group’s (EDMESH) Annual General Meeting and meeting to talk about Mentor M.E., our free, mutual peer support project for people affected by M.E. in Scotland. The theme of their AGM was people’s individual experiences of living with M.E. and doing something to make life better.

People in EDMESH were interested in hearing more about the work that Action for M.E. have been doing in Scotland and what groups/ initiatives were available elsewhere in Scotland. Throughout the meeting people identified the challenges of maintaining an group like EDMESH but also how important and valuable it was for people to be able to meet up, talk to one another and feel part of a group that really understands their day-to-day experiences.

They also acknowledged the importance of ensuring that they were connected with what’s happening in a wider sense in the M.E. world and possibly other long term health conditions. However, this information needs to be accessed a way that feels right for them.

Invitation to M.E. Support groups in Scotland

Mentor M.E. are keen to work with any M.E. support group in Scotland to help develop resources and tools to aid peer support and self management. Avril, Mentor M.E. project worker, is happy to chat to anyone about what M.E. support groups need to continue to provide peer support and help people to self manage. You can call Avril on 0775 324 7099 or email her.