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Putting the ME/CFS guideline into practice

May 12, 2022

Today marks the first World M.E. Day and we are pleased to see National Institute of Health and Social Care Excellence (NICE) have outlined the steps needed to put the guideline for M.E./CFS into practice.

In a statement on their website, NICE says:

“Providers and other organisations should update their training for health and social care staff, including those in training, to ensure that up to date recommendations and safeguarding implications are disseminated across the health and care system.”

We have worked collaboratively with Forward-ME to ensure this guideline was led by people with M.E.

Sonya Chowdhury, Chief Executive, Action for M.E., says:

“This guideline acknowledges the truth of people’s experiences and creates a foundation for hope that future children and adults with ME will be offered appropriate support and symptom management.”

Paul Chrisp, Director of the Centre for Guidelines at NICE, says:

“Today’s implementation statement will build upon the widespread support from system partners and the ME/CFS community for the guideline and enable them to work together to make sure its important recommendations are implemented.”

We recognise that many people with M.E. have experienced inappropriate treatment as a result of advice in the previous NICE guideline. If you would like information or support about talking to your doctor about the 2021 NICE guideline, or accessing healthcare, email or call us on 0117 927 9551, choosing option one. We are here to help.