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​Invite your MSP to Scottish Parliament event

April 24, 2018

Gail Ross MSP is hosting an event in the Scottish Parliament during M.E. Awareness Week, celebrating the patients and professionals working to improve the lives of those living with M.E. in Scotland, with the support of Action for M.E.

Are you able to ask your MSPs to attend, so they can find out more about M.E. and how it affects you and others living with the condition in Scotland?

You can find contact details for your MSPs on the Scottish Parliament website. We have suggested some wording you can use in an email or letter, below, for you to edit as appropriate and send to your representatives.

Or you could tweet them, sending them a link to this news story.

The event is taking place in the Fairfax Somerville Room of the Scottish parliament, on Wednesday 9 May from 6pm to 8pm, and MSPs are welcome to drop in any time.

People affected by M.E., including patients, carers, family members and health professionals, are also very welcome. Please register your interest in attending by emailing Action for M.E. as soon as possible.

Template wording for email or letter to your MSP

Dear [Insert your MSP’s name here]

I am a constituent with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.), and I am asking you to attend an M.E. awareness event being hosted by Gail Ross MSP in the Scottish Parliament.

This is M.E. takes place on Wednesday 9 May, from 6pm to 8pm in the Fairfax Somerville Room at the Scottish Parliament, and will mark M.E. Awareness Week by celebrating the patients and professionals working to improve the lives of those living with M.E. in Scotland.

I would hugely appreciate it if you would email Action for M.E. at to request an invitation and confirm your attendance.

M.E. is a long-term, fluctuating, neurological condition that affects an estimated 21,000 adults and children in Scotland. The symptoms of M.E. have been shown to be as disabling as most other chronic conditions, including MS and congestive heart failure. But patients like me frequently experience barriers to accessing appropriate care and support, including healthcare, social care and welfare benefits. This is often due to a lack of understanding of the condition, and sometimes outright disbelief in its severity, among professionals.

[You could also include some information about your experience with M.E. here, focussing on whatever aspect of having the condition matters the most to you. This could be the impact of your symptoms, your access to healthcare, or any other topic you care about. We suggest you keep this to a few sentences, as we know from experience that short emails/letters are most effective]

I look forward to hearing from you

[Your name and postcode]