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​One million steps in 100 days for people with M.E.

May 04, 2017

For the past three months, staff here in the Action for M.E. office have got used to having meetings on the hoof – quite literally – as two team members walk one million steps in 100 days for people with M.E.

Inspired by Action for M.E. supporter Natalie Heron and her Walk with M.E. challenge, our Trust Fundraiser, Bella Whately, and our Chief Executive, Sonya Chowdhury, decided to get involved.

“Ten thousand steps per day is quite achievable for most but it's a lot for someone like me,” says Natalie, who was diagnosed with M.E. in 2010. “So people with M.E. taking part have been recruiting team members, to help out and donate their steps. That way I will be able to achieve my target of one million steps over 100 days.”

The finish date for the challenge is M.E. Awareness Day next Friday, 12 May.Natalie is thrilled that the 15 teams and individuals taking part, including Bella and Sonya, have so far raised more than £2,570 to support Action for M.E.’s vital work.

“I decided to walk an additional one million steps for Emily, one of our brilliant volunteers, who is so ill that she is not able to walk more than a few steps,” says Sonya, whose own family experience of M.E. has meant that she was even more determined to take part. “That's an average of 20,000 steps or around 10 miles a day, and so I have walked from Bristol to Bath, from Liverpool Street to Gloucester Road in London and even held meetings while pacing round my office!

“Unfortunately, a very painful trapped nerve meant that I may not hit my target –  my family have said they will walk with me and donate their steps to make sure I do - but I know that the struggle it's been to achieve this goal is nothing compared to what people with M.E. face every single day.”

There is still time to donate to support Sonya, Bella, or any of the Walk with M.E. teams, by clicking on Walk with M.E. Together, we can take action to stop M.E. stealing lives. Thank you.