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​Scottish Petitions Committee discussion on M.E./CFS

May 30, 2019

Earlier this morning the Scottish Petitions Committee responded to a petition put forward to them asking for them to "review treatment of people with M.E."

"I was very struck by the submissions for children with M.E. Where is the training for those people who may be reacting in terms of child protection issues? And the idea that there’s an implication that it’s about parental anxiety or the child not wanting to go to school, which is a form of not believing that it’s a health condition. " Johann Lamont MSP

“It feels like there should be a more specific or individualised approach when dealing with these cases. And there is a sense of frustration. There has been a little progress in the sense that Scotland will develop a training programme for GPs – but where does this training come from? Is it from the NICE guidelines or does it come from actual people living with M.E./CFS?” Rachael Hamilton MSP

When finalising their discussion, they agreed the following potential next steps:

  • pursue responses from the nine healthboards that are yet to respond to request for information about treatments for M.E./CFS
  • re-writing to NHS Lothian and NHS Borders as they have not responded to specific questions raised by petitioner
  • Cabinet Minister will be invited back to provide update on working group, training of GPs and to respond to submissions about children and referrals to children’s hearing system.