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​We need your help! Connect M.E. survey

November 20, 2018

Action for M.E. are testing out an idea we have for a new project that could potentially help support people with M.E. nationwide.

This project would aim to link healthy volunteers with people with M.E. who need help at home with day-to-day chores and routine tasks.

To find out how feasible this might be, we have created a short survey, to help us find out more about topics like:

  • Do people living with M.E. really want a means of asking for help with routine tasks?
  • How could people be vetted and protected?
  • What might motivate volunteers to take part?

Please could you spare five minutes to share your thoughts with us?

We also plan to set up two private Facebook discussion groups – one for people living with M.E., and one for healthy allies/potential volunteers –which will enable us to gather views and ideas in more detail. If you’d like to get involved or find out more about this, please send Holly, our communications and marketing officer, an email.