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​Will you pledge to show the world that #MEmatters?

May 08, 2017

People with M.E. often tell us that the lack of understanding and empathy they receive from the professionals that can make a difference to their lives and members of the public is one of the most difficult things about living with the illness.

We hear far too many stories of people being met with disbelief from their GP, and a recent survey carried out by our Children’s Services Team found that a shocking number of parents, whose children are too ill to attend school full or even part-time, are being reported to social services by teachers.

Even more worryingly, there have been moves made to reclassify M.E. under the banner of Medically Unexplained Symptoms, which would see the illness being treated as a psychiatric disorder despite the World Health Organisation stating that M.E. is a neurological illness.

This has to change. With your help, we can make this happen.

We have created three draft letters for M.E. Awareness Month - one to GP surgeries, one to parliamentary candidates and one to schools designed to raise awareness and increase understanding of M.E.

By signing our online pledge, which can be found here, you make a promise to download at least one of these letters and either email or post them to your relevant GP surgery, MP or school. Doing this shows that people in your area care about M.E. The more people from each area of the country that take part, the more powerful the message will become, and the more likely policy-makers and professionals are to take notice, so please encourage your friends and family to take part too. When you sign our pledge, we will add your name to our pledge wall to show the world just how many people believe that #MEmatters. 

Help us show the world that #MEmatters.