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Action for M.E. attending NICE guideline meeting

May 25, 2018

Action for M.E. will be representing people affected by M.E. at a workshop held by the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) today to inform their development of an updated guideline on M.E.

Clare Ogden, Head of Communications and Engagement, will be attending the workshop which gives stakeholders the chance to discuss a draft scope for the guideline with NICE, prior to a formal consultation on the scope.

The scope will outline the broad topics that will be considered throughout the NICE guideline review process, providing the framework for what would be a valid contribution to the guideline. It does not contain any information on what recommendations NICE will make.

The consultation on the scope is scheduled to take place between 21 June and 19 July 2018. We will be asking people with M.E., and their families and carers, for their comments before and during this consultation period to inform our response. Once the consultation is over, a final scope will be published and NICE will begin the development of the guideline. A draft of the guideline is expected in April 2020.

Action for M.E. will continue to provide updates on the progress of the NICE guideline review, as well as opportunities for people with M.E. to share their thoughts and experiences to ensure their voices are heard.