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Action for M.E. on the Spoonie Village podcast

May 19, 2020

Action for M.E. is delighted to feature in one of the latest podcasts from Spoonie Village.

Clare Ogden, our Head of Communications and Engagement, shot the breeze with Hayley and Tom for their M.E. Awareness Week podcast series. Hayley says:

"As someone who turned to Action for M.E. when my relapse hit, it’s so lovely to be able to say a big thank you to them for being at the end of the phone and being so understanding, and also discuss the work they do and how we can be involved with it."

Clare discusses how Covid-19 is affecting people with M.E. and how, for people living with M.E., lockdown is nothing new. Clare talks about using social media to start conversations about M.E., and show people they are not alone in their experiences; and highlights Action for M.E.'s Crisis, Support and Advocacy Service set up in response to the urgent need created by the pandemic.

You can listen now on the Spoonie Village website along with Apple podcasts, Google podcasts and Spotify. We’d love to know what you think.