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Action for M.E.'s 'Big survey'

May 02, 2019

We're undertaking a five-year follow up to our last major survey of people living with M.E. in the UK, asking children and adults about their experiences of health, education, employment, welfare benefits and social care.

The big survey is launching on 2 May and can be accessed via Survey Monkey. The results will help shape our priorities and will be used in our policy work, as well as informing our next five year strategy. This is a long and detailed survey so we are encouraging children and adults with M.E. to take their time and ask a carer, friend or family member to help complete it if necessary.

In this follow-up survey, we are also seeking the views of children and young people so we can understand their experiences of living with M.E. In addition to the different sections in the survey, there is also a section specifically aimed at children and young people which will help increase our understanding of the key issues they face.

This survey will also help further our work in Scotland by giving us a better understanding of the key issues and any barriers people currently face. We will also look for ways to feed the results into consultations and engagement opportunities with the Scottish Government.

You can also request paper copies via email or by calling 01179376623. The closing date is Friday 2 August and we hope to publish the results in the Autumn.