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Action for M.E. attends Millions Missing event in Bristol

September 27, 2016

Action for M.E. attended the Millions Missing event in Bristol today, one of a number taking place across 25 global cities.

The demonstration was attended by people with M.E., and the friends and families of people with M.E. Many more people participated by sending in a pair of shoes and a note sharing how the condition had affected them, which were displayed for members of the public to read.

One read: “I miss dancing and socialising with my friends”.

The event was organised by #MEAction following on from similarly co-ordinated events in May, which succeeded in gaining widespread global coverage. Today’s series of demonstrations took place in Bristol, London, Belfast, Cardiff, Nottingham and Oxford, as well as other cities in Europe and in the United States, Latin America, Canada and Australia.

The Bristol protest was organised by Katharine Cheston who was interviewed on BBC Radio Bristol yesterday about her experience of M.E.

The organisers of the event hope that this series of demonstrations will raise public awareness of M.E., as well as contribute to calls for increased government funding for research, clinical trials and medical education.