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Action for M.E. Consultation Response

October 05, 2023


My full reality: the interim delivery plan on ME/CFS was published by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) on 9 August 2023. Consultation on the plan was open to UK residents aged 13 and over and closed on 4 October 2023.

Various team members of Action for M.E. have been involved in the working groups and our Chief Executive, Sonya Chowdhury, was a member of the Steering Group responsible for oversight of developing the Delivery Plan.

We have had meaningful engagement throughout development of the Plan. This included ensuring the views and experiences of children and adults with whom we work, and the wider community were reflected in our input. We welcome the work of DHSC and cross-government colleagues to produce a Plan that highlights the stigma and exclusion of people with M.E. and the focus to redress this.

There has been an overwhelming response to the Consultation, and we support the calls for action from our colleagues in other ME/CFS charities and Forward-ME members. These include:

  • Increase action to directly and immediately improve people’s day-to-day lives, supported by professionals in the health, social care, education and benefits sectors
  • Increase education for healthcare professionals and medical students to improve their understanding of M.E. and its impact
  • Fully implement the Delivery Plan to ensure longer-term impact
  • Increase research funding and wider activity to support the research community

We have therefore decided to focus on one key call relating to research, rather than widely represent the feedback/input we have had previously in the Plan’s development and the feedback we’ve received from the Community (which has been submitted through their direct engagement with the Consultation). Additionally, we call on the Government to ensure full implementation of the actions contained within the Delivery Plan. People with M.E. have seen very little progress to tackle the issues which the Plan clearly identifies. To improve outcomes for people with M.E. and enhance their lives, urgent action must be taken, and Action for M.E. will continue to work collaboratively to support delivery and advocate for our community

The Action for M.E. response to the Interim Delivery Plan on ME/CFS Consultation (PDF)