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Action for M.E. hosts DWP spotlight training

January 07, 2019

A range of people from the Department for Work and Pensions had the opportunity to learn more about M.E. and its impact on claimants, in a training session led by Action for M.E. just before Christmas.

As part of the DWP’s ongoing “Spotlight” training series, 125 work coaches and disability advisors dialled into the telephone session, with our welfare benefits advisor Sophie Knight giving an overview of the condition and the difficulties people with M.E. can experience with employment. DWP staff have also been sent a link to our SEE M.E. toolkit, which aims to help them support people with M.E. more effectively.

Asking questions as part of the session, DWP staff wanted to know:

  • how they could help people with M.E. through Access to Work
  • how some of the symptoms of M.E. might be managed
  • how to raise the impact of the condition with an employer
  • more about the lack of understanding about M.E. from some in the medical community.

A poll was taken at the end of the call, with 94% of attendees saying they found the session useful or very useful. The recording will be available for 30 days for other DWP staff to listen to.

Anne Hodges, Senior National Account Manager, National Employer & Partnership Team, DWP, said: “The call was really well attended and people have since shown their interest in this disability and their keenness to find out more. Many of the questions came from DWP staff who either have the condition or are living with someone who does. This spotlight call enabled Action for M.E to talk to many different people across DWP and will also enable people to dial into the replay service which is live for 30 days."

You can find out more about Action for M.E.'s Information and Support service, which includes welfare benefit advice for people with M.E., on our Information and Support page.