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Add your voice to those calling for action on PIP

September 14, 2017

“I was too unwell to appeal, knowing that the extra stress would cause further relapse.”

That’s the experience of just one person with M.E. who inputted into the Disability Benefits Consortium (DBC)’s new report on Personal Independent Payment (PIP), published today.

Supporting those who need it most? is based on the findings of DBC charity members and 1,730 claimants, including some with M.E., highlighting the failure of PIP to adequately support them.

You can take action by sending the report directly to your MP; all you need to do is enter your name, postcode and email address, which will produce a template email you can review and amend before sending

The report shows that:

  • submitting a claim for PIP is extremely difficult for disabled people, and providing supporting evidence is a struggle
  • assessments are of extremely variable quality and the stress of assessments is making people’s conditions worse
  • disabled people don’t believe that the assessment report reflects their condition and don’t feel they receive the right level of support for their needs
  • the impact of gaining access to PIP is significant, but losing access to extra-costs support, such as Motability cars, has damaging consequences.

It also recommends a number of measures to improve the delivery of PIP, which include that assessors should be obligated to review all supporting evidence provided by a claimant, and that direct responsibility from the Department of Work and Pensions should be established for assessment quality, among others.

The report is being launched today to coincide with the autumn party conferences where the DBC will give a briefing on PIP. Action for M.E. will take part in further DBC initiatives throughout the year to continue to highlight issues with this welfare benefit and the potentially devastating consequences for people with M.E.