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APPG on ME - Severe ME Inquiry

APPG on ME - Severe ME Inquiry

May 21, 2024

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on ME (APPG) has launched its inquiry into Severe ME.

Action for M.E., the ME Association, and the 25% M.E. Group will be working closely to support the APPG throughout the inquiry’s duration.

The purpose of the inquiry is to gather evidence to inform a chapter on Severe and Very Severe ME to append the ‘Rethinking ME’ report, published in May 2022.

How will evidence be gathered?

Evidence will be gathered through a number of sessions, focusing on health, social care, and children & young people, with up to 4 people with ME providing evidence in each session.

The sessions will be attended by members of the APPG and healthcare, and other, professionals will be invited to both the health, and social care sessions to provide evidence.

With support from the charities involved, people will be given the option to pre-record their case study or, where possible, will be able to attend sessions online for a Q&A, with questions being provided in advance to help assist with cognitive and energy needs.

When will the report be available?

We hope to launch the report in early September, following Parliament’s summer recess, but timescales may shift depending on the needs of those giving evidence.

We will ensure that any changes to the original timeline are communicated as early as possible and regular updates will be provided on the inquiry’s progress.