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Attend both days of CMRC conference: register now

July 18, 2017

Following requests from people with M.E., this year’s CFS/ME Research Collaborative (CMRC) conference is now open to people with M.E., carers and M.E. advocates on both days.

Taking place in Bristol on Wednesday 13 and Thursday 14 September, the conference will welcome Prof Don Staines of Griffith University to talk about his team’s recent work on a crucial cell receptor and its potential role in M.E. Other speakers include Dr Avindra Nath, National Institutes of Health (NIH), who will present work on neurovirology and infections of the nervous system in people with M.E., and Dr Peter Rowe, John Hopkins Children’s Centre for CFS.

Any lay person who wants to attend the conference on Wednesday 13 and/or Thursday 14 September must join the CMRC as an Associate Member (free of charge) by completing the application form on our CMRC page.

You can then register as an Associate Member on the CMRC conference site, at a cost of £45 per day. As the CMRC does not receive enough income to cover costs, it asks for this contribution, which is heavily subsidised to enable access to the conference for people affected by M.E. If you are unable to meet this cost but would still like to attend, please contact the CMRC (via Anna by email or on 0117 927 9551) to request a full/partial waiver.

Stephen Holgate, Chair, CMRC, says, “It is challenging to strike a balance between creating a space for researchers to share, in confidence, details of their studies, unpublished results and ideas for new projects, and recognising that people with M.E. and carers want to hear more about their work.

“In response to many requests from patients and carers, we have decided to open both days of the conference to Associate Members, and both days will be subsidised to keep the cost attainable. The evening dinner on day one of the conference remains open to researchers and Professional/Student Members only, to foster collaboration and sharing of data. We plan to livestream presentations on both days to ensure that those unable to attend the conference are able to hear the latest research updates from home."

If you are a student researcher, you can apply for a bursary to attend, with six places being made available, thanks to funding from the ME Association. As a member of the CMRC Executive Board, the charity will fund up to six student awards of up to £350 each to help cover the registration, travel and accommodation costs.