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BBC highlights Action for M.E. survey

June 27, 2017

The results of an Action for M.E. survey into the experiences of families affected by M.E. who’ve faced false accusations of abuse, neglect and fabricated/induced illness will be revealed tonight on BBC Radio 4’s award-winning documentary series, File on 4.

Our Chief Executive, Sonya Chowdhury, will also be on BBC Radio Bristol this morning, talking about the survey, just after 8am. You can tune in live via the Radio Bristol website.

Concerned about the increasing numbers of families affected by M.E. who face such accusations because of a lack of understanding about M.E, and its impact, Action for M.E.’s Children’s Services Team conducted a survey to find out more.

The resulting programme, broadcast tonight at 8pm, was initiated by Action for M.E., after we took our survey results to journalist Matthew Hill. The File on 4 team have interviewed a number of families that we have been supporting, as well as investigating wider issues associated with M.E., having spoken to a number of other M.E. charities, researchers and health professionals.

You can listen to File on Four online, and read more about the survey results when we publish them tomorrow.