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Bella Magazine - Please Believe ME

September 26, 2019

What's it like having a debilitating illness that some people don't believe exists? When it leaves you too unwell to leave the house, how do you tell your boss or your friends?

In this article, Bella magazine talks to M.E. Researcher Ron Davis, our Head of Communication and Engagement Clare Ogden and 22 year old Georgina in order to share some insight in to the widely misunderstood condition M.E./CFS.

"Time after time, I went to doctors complaining of all these symptoms, and they said I was stressed with uni, or a ‘bit tired’ after glandular fever. I was told to exercise more, which made things worse.

"Now, I never have a day without symptoms. Sometimes I have extreme fatigue with intense pain in my muscles and joints, and stomach problems. Other days, the fatigue isn’t strong, but the pain is unbearable. My brain fog can get so bad, I can’t speak properly, or I’m too nauseous to stomach food. Other times, my sound sensitivity is so intense, I can’t bear to be in a room with my family.

"The illness is hard for people to understand, as so many of the symptoms are invisible. Friends only see me on low-symptoms days, so they don’t really know the full extent of it. It’s very isolating. I get upset at the thought of people thinking I'm lazy. I want to work. I have so many ambitions and goals, but my health controls my life."
- Georgina, 22.

You can view the full article for free here.