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Blood biomarkers may help diagnose CFS

August 01, 2017

New research from Stanford University has found that blood biomarkers may help diagnose Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

The inflammation biomarkers could also give new clues to what causes the condition, and how to treat it.

By comparing the levels of 51 different cytokines in people with CFS against people who don’t have the illness, the team found that 17 cytokines rose in tandem with how bad a person’s CFS was.

Prof Jose Montoya of Stanford University said the results show that CFS is a physiological condition, not a psychosomatic disorder as some still continue to claim.

Professor Julia Newton, one of Action for M.E.’s chief medical advisers, said: “I read with great interest the study from Montoya's group which highlights some clear abnormalities in cytokines in those with M.E./CFS compared to a control population. This is another really exciting and important scientific development in this field and hopefully will prompt other researchers to focus further work in this area to corroborate their results.”

You can find out more about the study in an article by New Scientist at