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Bringing M.E.-friendly theatre to your sofa

July 27, 2016

Going out to the theatre is just one of the things that some people with M.E. miss out on as a result of their symptoms. But what if there was a way of bringing the play to you?

“As someone with CFS/M.E. and an avid theatre fan, I am aware of the difficulties that going to the theatre can present," says Emily Ingram, manager of Edinburgh-based production company. Some Kind of Theatre, "So I am proud to be helping deliver accessible performances into people’s homes."

Until Tuesday 30 August, the company is offering "Shakespeare on the sofa" performances of its current show (also performing at the PBH Free Fringe festival), a steampunk production of The Tempest. 

With a storybook backdrop and a set that packs down into a steamer trunk, The Tempest can be transported to any venue, including living rooms or bedrooms, allowing audiences members who cannot normally go to the theatre to enjoy it at home. Sound effects can be adjusted to suit the audience’s needs, and the play (which is normally one hour) can be performed over two evenings in order to respect energy levels. For further information, contact the company by email or visit it on Facebook.