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Carol Monaghan MP featured in

November 07, 2023

On Monday 3 October, Carol Monaghan MP, who also serves as the Chair of the APPG on ME, visited the team at the DecodeME Study at the University of Edinburgh. The purpose of her visit was to learn more about its initial findings and its progress and plans to ensure its legacy.

Following the visit, she said:

I was delighted to visit the landmark DecodeME study at the Human Genetics Unit in Edinburgh to learn more about the project and its initial findings. The biggest of its kind, this study, in partnership with Action for M.E. and the University of Edinburgh, seeks to find genetic causes to M.E. I was amazed by the dedication of the team as they relayed how the data is pointing to this disease overwhelmingly affecting women. Despite its prevalence, research into female-dominant diseases such as M.E. remain hugely underfunded. This is wrong. It is clear that we need far more funding for research like DecodeME’s so that those living with long-term diseases such as M.E. are given every opportunity to live a normal life. I encourage those living with M.E. to take part before the November 15th deadline.

Subsequent to the meeting, Carol was featured in, a prominent online political news site, published on Thursday 2 November.

Within the news piece, she emphasised:

Though the wheels of Westminster can often be slow to move, parliamentarians have a duty to use our voices and privileged positions to advocate for those who are marginalised, stigmatised and left behind. Those living with diseases like M.E. need to know that they are being heard and that we, as legislators, are doing all we can to fight their corner.

You can read the full article here. This coverage is expected to reach a large number of politicians, parliamentarians, and government officials.