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Celebrating SEE M.E. project success today in Bristol

November 07, 2016

"It is easy to find sympathy but much harder to find solid advice and knowledgeable support to help with resolving M.E.-related employment issues.” 

This is a situation that's familiar to many people with M.E. - and the reason we set up our Support, Empower and Employ people with M.E (SEE M.E.) project, which has now come to an end. Marking the occasion with a celebration event in Bristol today, we will be highlighting the success of this innovative pilot with presentations from professionals and people with M.E. who benefited from it.

Set up in direct response to people with M.E. who are were unable to access the specialist support they needed to stay in or return to work, or to leave unsustainable employment in the best possible way, SEE M.E. saw us partner with North Bristol NHS Trust to employ advisors with experience of M.E. and employment support, embedding them within the specialist M.E. clinic at Southmead Hospital.

Independent evaluation found that 72% of SEE M.E. clients with M.E. achieved their employment goal, and 83% of employers or union representatives said SEE M.E. had made a positive difference, while 60% of clinicians said SEE M.E. freed up clinical time equating to £24,000 a year.

Today's SEE M.E. event takes place 3.30pm to 5pm in the Cabot Room, Southmead Hospital, with refreshments provided, and all are welcome. More information about the project, including free downloadable information resources for people with M.E., their employers, and the professionals supporting them, can be found on our SEE M.E. project page.