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CEO Sonya talks M.E. on BBC Radio Bristol

November 19, 2020

Our CEO Sonya Chowdhury appeared on BBC Radio Bristol’s mid-morning show with John Darvall on Thursday 19 Nov.

On the show, Sonya discussed the draft NICE guideline for M.E. that was published on Tuesday 10 November, as well as the overlap between long Covid and M.E. and how recent events have presented a potential opportunity to understand more about chronic illnesses.

Speaking of the implications of the draft guideline for future diagnoses, Sonya said:

"Misdiagnosis and a lack of diagnosis has been a key issue (with M.E). We're hoping that the final guideline will include a programme that helps health professionals."

Sonya also said of the overlap between long Covid and M.E.:

“What we're hearing from people like Dr Fauci in the US is that there are concerns about the similarities between long Covid and M.E.

"A lot can be learned by looking at post-viral illness like long Covid. We must utilise this opportunity to have more research undertaken into M.E. as well as long Covid."

Thank you to BBC Radio Bristol for inviting Sonya onto the show to discuss these hugely important topics. We live-tweeted the interview as it took place and you can view this on the Action for M.E. Twitter account.