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Changes to our Information and Support and Welfare services

April 30, 2019

Action for M.E. offers a free Information and Support Service for children, young people and adults with M.E., and their carers and family members.

In the past, this service has included expert welfare benefit advisors. Due to staff moving onto new roles in other organisations, we announced earlier this month that we would not be able to offer detailed welfare advice service until further notice.

In recent months, our reliance on two part-time welfare rights advisor has meant that we have not been able to offer our welfare rights advice service as fully as we intended. We have listened to your feedback, and understand the difficulties this has caused for those of you who have been unable to access support when you needed it. As a result, we are going to make changes so that the service will be less prone to disruption.

We are now recruiting two additional Information and Welfare Support Officers to join our improved, and renamed, Information and Welfare Support Service, which will launch later this summer.

Remaining free and confidential, this service will offer information, support and welfare benefits advice for people with M.E. by telephone, written and online resources, including ‘how to’ films and webinars, delivered by four experienced part- and full-time staff members.

Our aim is that our Information and Welfare Support service will be holistic and client-centred, and anyone who contacts it will be put in touch with the staff member who can help them best and quickest.

In the meantime, our friendly Information and Support team can share basic information about welfare benefits, send out our detailed factsheets, and signpost to sources of expert welfare benefit advice. They are unable to give detailed advice, complete application forms, make calls or write letters on your behalf, or help with mandatory reconsiderations or appeals.